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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions about our process, the items we accept, costs and areas of service. 

If you have any additional questions please contact us at 519-697-7657.

General Questions

We will perform a no-obligation in-home assessment of the contents. We will consider all items when preparing an offer to you. Some factors might include the amount of resale value versus the number of donatables and or junk needing to be removed.  In most cases, a cash offer will be given on the spot, and you can expect a turnaround time as early as 24 hours.

Although some items are unfortunately not very sought after or may be difficult to sell, there may be other items within the contents that could help offset the costs of removal. Once an in-home assessment is completed, we will be happy to explain which option is best for you.

Only in a situation where there is more junk removal and or greater removal efforts would there ever be a charge to you. We strive to offer a tailored service to what you have on the go and needs to be done.

Professionals such as real estate agents to probate lawyers have benefited from using our services. Having us in their back pocket has alleviated much stress and made their jobs easier.

Homeowners, executors and downsizers alike have been pleased with having options that didn’t know existed, and to most, having only to make one phone call was a weight off their backs.

Property managers and Landlords have had opportunities to see a cost-saving approach to dealing with delinquent storage lockers, evicted tenant belongings and foreclosures.

We serve London and the surrounding area and have for over 12 years. We do consider further locations as well and may require photos before coming out to do an in-home assessment.

Yes, we are London’s low cost/no cost junk removal experts

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