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Junk Be Gone


More than we’d like to admit, sometimes the items that have accumulated over time can be more work than worth. This means paying high disposal fees set out by specialized junk removal companies. At Yardigan’s, we will consider items which still have a resale value in lieu of paying higher fees elsewhere. Call us first before throwing it out!

Even Steven


After family members have addressed the estate’s heirlooms and belongings, there may still be a considerable number of items left in the home. Surprisingly, this abundance can work to your advantage. In numerous instances, these remaining items can help offset the costs of removal and disposal, presenting an excellent opportunity for an equitable deal with Yardigan’s – a win-win situation for both parties.

Estate Buyout

Perhaps your estate liquidation scenario has minimal junk or donatables involved where as individual items or the estate as a whole has more monetary value. In this case, we realize there are other options that may not be viable for you such as an auction, yard sale or listing online and we are prepared to make a competitive cash offer for the estate in its entirety. One price and its all gone!


There comes a time in everyone’s life when it is nessessary to dispurse of items that need to be let go of or are just not needed anymore in order to move on. In most cases, these prized possessions that you no longer need have a new home waiting for them. This is where Yardigan’s Estate Liquidation Services comes into the picture. With many items that have a monitary value, we can purchase them for resale and help lighten the load at the same time. Dealing with online selling or social media can be challenging for some and more often than not only viable for key and certain items. At Yardigan’s, we considered all types of goods which make us a primary option when getting rid of it all in one shot.

Storage Units

When storing items in a storage locker for months or years on end, it may at one point seem not worth storing. For those items that we once intended for later use, liquidating the contents as a whole may be a viable option. Even downsizing a unit by selling off most of the items may mean not having to pay unnecessary monthly storage fees.

The Pick & Choose

From time to time, we encounter those who wish to do the “dirty work” themselves and would prefer to have Yardigan’s purchase specific items we feel resalable. This could include for example a collection of old toys, memorabilia & collectibles or a few pieces of furniture just to name a few.

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Whether it’s a childhood toy you had when you were younger or a new heirloom to introduce into your home. We offer home furnishing for both the young and old.

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